5 best mid-range smartphones currently available on the market

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Not all of us can buy an iPhone X or a Galaxy Note 8. But considering the number of smartphones available in the market today, maybe we don’t need to. There are a lot of great mid-range smartphones, available in the market, that offer the same features, which are found in some of the flagship devices at a much more affordable price.  Companies like Huawei, HTC, Motorola, and Oppo have done a phenomenal job of designing phones with great performance, camera experience and software features that are comparable to high-end smartphones. So today, let us take a look at the 5 best mid-range smartphones currently available on the market.

1. Huawei Mate 10 Lite

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Huawei is known for launching cheaper, and more affordable, versions of its flagship devices. Be it the P10 or the Mate 10, all Huawei flagships are launched along with a lite version. The Lite version generally doesn’t pack the punch of its flagship counterpart, however, in the case of Mate 10 Lite, for the first time the company has designed a phone which doesn’t remain in the shadow of the high-end Mate devices.

The Mate 10 Lite is instead a complete smartphone with a 5.9 inch full HD plus display, 4 GB Ram, an Octa-core processor and a 16 MP camera. The phone also supports a 3,340 mAh battery and 64 GB internal storage and an extremely quick fingerprint scanner. With an 18.9 aspect ratio, Huawei Mate 10 Lite features a modern design with a sturdy aluminum body and four color options. Huawei also throws in a 13 MP front camera for all the selfie lovers out there. All these features come at a price point of just RS 30000. With so many features, Huawei Mate 10 Lite is a complete package which can stand toe to toe with other high-end phones on the market.

2. Oppo F5

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The Oppo F5 is another phone which features all the bells and whistles of a flagship device in 2018. Some of these include: Trim Bezels, an 18:9 aspect ratio, and the self-proclaimed selfie expert 20 MP front camera. The phone is shipped with an Octa-core processor and 64 GB internal storage. Like the Huawei Mate 10 Lite, the phone also supports a 6-inch display with full HD plus resolution. About the only difference in the specifications of the two phones is the battery capacity and the amount of ram. While the Oppo phone supports a slightly smaller battery capacity at 3300 mAh, the F5 features 6GB Ram in comparison to the 4GB offered by the Huawei Mate 10. The only reason why the Huawei device is ranked higher on the list is the software interface. Despite the fact that two phones run on the same version of Android, the Huawei device features a better user interface when compared to the Oppo UI.

3. LG Q6

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The LG Q6 is another device which supports an affordable price tag with enough specifications, to handle your social media and web browsing needs. Like other phones on this list, this device adheres to the latest trends in the smartphone industry. The Q6 supports a 5.5-inch FHD plus resolution with 18:9 aspect ratio. Additionally, the phone supports 4 GB Ram and an Octa-core processor. However, unlike the Mate 10 Lite, the LG device doesn’t support a dual camera set up. Instead, the users get a 13 MP primary camera and a 5 MP front camera.

A strong point going in favor of the LG Q6 is the price tag. At RS 26,000, the Q6 is cheaper than the Huawei Mate 10 Lite and Oppo F5. The LG device does make some compromises though. There is no fingerprint scanner available in the design. At the same time, while the Q6 does support a design which is similar to the LG G6, the phone swaps out the Glass back for plastic. That is not to say that the Q6 feels cheap, the phone feels very sturdy but it doesn’t quite capture the premium feel of a flagship device like the Huawei and Oppo device.

4. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is the least expensive phone on this list. However, despite the lower price, The Xiaomi device is as a capable as the aforementioned phones. The crown feature of the Redmi Note 4 is the 4100 mAh battery. To put things in perspective, the phone has got a larger battery capacity than the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S8, and iPhone X. It can be argued that a higher battery capacity doesn’t necessarily lead to higher battery time, but in the case of Redmi Note 4, the phone has plenty of power to get you through more than one day with a single charge.

The Xiaomi device also supports above average specifications in other areas. The device supports an Octa-core Snapdragon processor and a 5.5-inch 1080p display. Depending on the version, you either get 3 GB Ram with 32 GB internal storage or you get 4 GB Ram with 64 GB internal storage. Xiaomi has also included an extremely quick fingerprint scanner. The only reason why the Redmi Note 4 is ranked lower on this list is that out of the box the device runs on Android Marshmallow. Similarly, the device supports a 13 MP camera but does not include any fancy dual camera features.  For a price of RS 20000, the Xiaomi device certainly offers value for your money.

5. Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro

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The Galaxy J5 Pro isn’t the phone with the best specifications. The device features a 5.2 inch HD display, 13 MP primary and secondary cameras, 3 GB Ram and an Octa-core processor. All these specifications are on par with other devices on the list. However, one thing that separates the J5 pro from other devices is the Samsung UI. Samsung has done a phenomenal job of polishing its UI over the years and packing it with some very useful features. The superior user experience alone helps the J5 to make it to the list. While at RS 24,000, the device might be a little expensive for all features it offers but if you are someone who values superior user experience over specifications, then the J5 Pro is a great phone.

There are a lot of other mid-range smartphones which didn’t make it to the list. Feel free to comment the mid-range devices you like and as always follow us on social media to read our latest articles.


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