5 Things you have missed if you haven’t attended a Model United Nations conference in your life

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    A Model United Nations Conference is an academic simulation of the United Nations. Students who take part in the conference represent various countries and are part of real UN committee’s where they discuss global issues. MUN conferences are a big part of our college and university lives. These MUN conferences teach us various skills and also allow us to connect with different people. The combination of skill development and great social gatherings mean that a lot of us have attended such conferences at least once in our academic lives. So all of you who haven’t attended a Model United Nations conference up till now, here is a look at 5 things you are missing out on.

    1. Learning the art of diplomacy

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    Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you spoke something you shouldn’t have? In order to avoid such situations, you need to learn the art of diplomacy. MUN conferences are all about diplomacy. Since the delegates are representing a country, it is their job to diplomatically put forward the stance of the country on different subjects. The entire process helps us in understanding the importance of diplomacy and the relevance of the concept in maintaining international relations. Learning the art of diplomacy also helps establish better connections with people, an aspect, which is very important for our professional lives.

    2. The art of talking your way out of anything

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    Public speaking is perhaps the most important skill in today’s world. Not all of us have the confidence to speak in front of an audience without getting nervous. Only by speaking in front of an audience can a person overcome his fear of public speaking. At MUN conferences, you have plenty of opportunity to speak in front of an audience and express your opinion. Therefore, attending such conferences helps you to polish your communication and public speaking skills. This partly explains why people who attend MUN’s can talk their way out of anything.

    3. The right way to Google Search


    Research is a prerequisite to succeed in MUN conferences. By participating in such conferences, you learn how to research on different subjects and how to collect relevant information. All of us have had to deal with situations where we are unable to find the information we need. However, if you attend MUN conferences you will have a clear idea about the reliable sources of information and how to go about the research process. In short, you learn the right way to Google Search, something that you have missed if you haven’t yet attended a Model United Nations conference.

    4. Power pack socials

    Model United Nation conferences are not only about research and debates. On the contrary, such conferences feature some of the best social events for you to relax with your friends. Be it fun concerts, carnivals or formal dinners, the conference has it all. These conferences don’t just develop your skills but also provide you with plenty of entertainment. Hence, if you haven’t attended a Model United Nations conference ever in your life, you have probably missed out on power pack social events. These social events are a great way to interact with new people, which leads us to our next point.

    5. Connecting with new people

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    At the end of the day, experience, knowledge and skills are very important, however, the most important thing we take away from MUN conferences are new friends. In the midst of intense debating sessions and entertaining socials, you meet a lot of people who come from diverse backgrounds and have a different outlook on life. Many of the people you meet at MUN conferences end up becoming your life-long friends. One thing you can be sure of is that you will meet these friends again at future conferences. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to make new friends, you are certainly missing out on the opportunity by not attending such conferences.

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