5 songs by Abdullah Qureshi that stole our hearts!

    Abdullah Qureshi
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    Abdullah Qureshi rose to fame with the help of his soulful and pure voice and the power of social media. Abdullah Qureshi established himself by performing covers. However, with the release of his original songs he has proven that he has a lot more to offer and we agree! This talented singer is ready to take the CBMUN’18 stage by storm on the 9th of February, 2018. So, for those of you who will be attending let us help you make it a night to remember by letting you know the top 5 songs by Abdullah Qureshi that, you should keep an ear out for at CBMUN’18, the ‘Melody of the Mystic’.

    1. Sufi Medley

    Sufi Medley is what put Abdullah Qureshi on the map. Having the ability to sing Sufi songs with ease, at a young age, is what amazes people about Qureshi and makes them his fans. Sufi Medley is an accumulation of multiple Sufi songs sung in such a soulful manner that it will take you on a spiritual journey within yourself. This medley is heart touching and soul awakening and proves what a powerhouse of a singer Abdullah Qureshi is. If you still haven’t heard this beautifully sung medley, fear not and attend ‘Melody of the Mystic’ to find out what you’ve been missing.

    2. Tere Liye

    Tere Liye is Abdullah Qureshi’s first ever original single. This beautiful soundtrack takes us on a journey of love, life and sacrifice, all at the same time. This song is all about loving someone deeply but not being able to be with them in this life and praying to God that He unites you with your love at the ultimate destination, that is, the afterlife. The words “Bas Rab se ek dua hai, jaana humko jahan hai, uss duniya mai tu aur mai, hum saath hon” will make you tear up and you’ll fall more in love with your (non-existent) significant other. That’s the power of good music!

    3. Dastaan

    Dastaan is another original masterpiece by Abdullah Qureshi. This song features the soft and sweet voice of Qureshi along with a very soulful melody. The song’s video goes on to tell us a story of a die-hard fan who is obsessed with her celebrity idol and waits patiently for his response but never gets one and ends up being heartbroken and disappointed. The song was a massive hit among the audience within 3 days of its release and it is definitely worth it. The passion in Qureshi’s voice will make you wish this song was about you (which it might actually be because, aren’t we all obsessed with him?) Keep your ears open for this one guys, it’s absolutely beautiful.

    4. Intezaar

    This original song is all about loving, losing and learning. As suggested by the name, the song tells us a story of how the guy waits for the love of his life to come back to him but never witnesses the day. After losing his love he has learned his lesson so he gets back up and tries to move on but in his heart he knows that he’ll always love the person who broke his heart. The lyrics of this song combined with the angelic voice of Abdullah Qureshi are bound to trigger emotional explosions in your heart. My advice to you is, brace yourselves!

    5. Pardesi

    Last, but definitely not the least, we have Pardesi. This song is slightly different than the others with its Pop/Rock vibes. The story is quite typical, nerdy/geeky guy falls for the popular girl who’s already in a relationship and you know what happens next. The story might be typical but the expression of the story? Not so typical. This song will definitely make you jump out of your seats and rock out. The epic guitar solo, by the man himself, is the cherry on top. Stay tuned for this one guys, it’s going to be smashing!

    So there you have it. We have given you 5 very good reasons to be one of the many people who get the opportunity to witness the phenomenon that is Abdullah Qureshi. Hurry up and grab your passes before they run out and get the chance to be a part of ‘Melody of the Mystic’ on 9th February 2018, brought to you by CBMUN’18. The conference is back again and this time it’s bigger and better with an all new motto, “Transcend. Transform. Takedown!” College of Business Management Model United Nations (CBMUN) has been around for a while and each year it has proven to be a worthwhile event. The event is organized by the Literary and Public Speaking Society (LPSS) of IoBM and this year they have spared no effort to bring us CBMUN’18. The event will be held from 8th of February to the 11th of February, 2018. Click on the picture below to witness Abdullah Qureshi live.

    Abdullah Qureshi

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