Breaking Barriers


    Every citizen of the country has the right to receive a good quality of education. That is essentially the main purpose of every other school in this country and HMS institute is no exception.

    However, the people at the institute are not just content with offering high quality of education.

    What they are looking for instead is a way to break the barriers. Here are some of the ways they plan on doing so:

    Their mission statement

    It is a sad reality that in a metropolitan city like Karachi people are extremely conscious of their status. The school that their children go to should befit their high standards. The schools obviously realize this and charge these parents accordingly.

    But what about those parents who do not earn as much? Does it mean that their kids should lead a life of deprivation? No of course not. HMS institute’s aim is give everyone an equal opportunity.

    The faculty at the institute realizes the fact that simply having a high intelligence quotient is not enough. Their aim is to develop the emotional intelligence of their students as well so that they grow up to be mature and empathetic individuals.

    The school believes in rewarding deserving students who perform well and does so through merit based scholarships. In addition to that, they also offer need based scholarships.

    A balanced environment

    Via: Lifespan

    In the last couple of years the divide between the conservatives and the liberals has widened. There is absolutely no balance. At the HMS institute the focus is on creating a balanced environment where the students get the best of both worlds.

    They have access to a library, which has an extensive collection of books, and sports facilities. At the same time there is a prayer area as well where students can offer their prayers and maintain a connection with God.

    The institute offers mandatory Arabic and English language classes which are taught by professionals who are fluent in both of these languages.

    Fast track school

    Is your child a prodigy? Or maybe he or she missed an academic year due to some personal reason. Fret not. The people at HMS institute follow a fast track schooling philosophy.

    Your child does not have to graduate classes in a sequential order if they show signs that they are capable enough to face the challenges of higher classes.

    The people at the institute want to help the child learn essential concepts at their own pace. After all education is not something that is just limited to schools. It is something that goes on for the rest of your life.

    So if you are looking for an institute which has highly qualified teachers and which helps your child develop essential skills, get in touch with HMS institute.


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