About Us

Abdul Ghani


Our Editor-in-Chief is an admirer of art, literature and pop culture. Although introverted by nature, he understands the importance and the significance of communicating his ideas and considers GenY an ideal platform to do so. Entrusted with the responsibility of steering the ship of GenY, Ghani is eager to lead our team of writers to greater heights. Reading and writing from an early age, he brings along more know-how and enthusiasm to the desk with his ideas. His philosophy is that one should never hold him/herself back and should work and strive to be the absolute best.

Faizan Arafat

Executive Director

Our Talented Executive Director, Faizan Arafat, an Exceptional Public Speaker and a Leader, possesses sound knowledge to consult and guide us through every aspect. It was his ideas that laid the basis of our website and his diligent efforts that made it all possible. He is not only the head but also an understanding friend to every member of the team. Faizan’s enthusiasm to take up new challenges is remarkable and all of us look up to him. He Believes, “The Size of Your Audience Doesn’t Matter, Keep Up the Good Work”.

Abdul Basit Yousuf

Editorial Manager

Abdul Basit Yousuf, a guy with two girlfriends; technology and cricket. He is an ambitious person working day and night, possessing exceptional marketing ideas. All the content and articles you see on screen have his Direction at the back. He is also one of the founding members of this website and is obsessed with making GenY the best content based website in Pakistan, He believes, “You can, because you think You Can”.

Sheheryar Marfani

Marketing and Research Manager

One word to define him is ambitious. He is an exceptional public speaker and a very confident and charismatic young member of GenY. Marketing seems to be his hobby, His amazing speaking skills and a creative marketing mind has helped us to lay a strong foundation. Moreover, an insane work ethic in research department has allowed GenY to identify new prospects. Sheheryar loves to face new challenges and believes: “To be a Champion, You have to convince yourself first that you are one’’

Ahsan Saya

Media Director

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all such Sites are where you will find our Media Director, Ahsan Saya. Helping GenY Reach Its Audience and Getting Directly in Touch with that Audience in Order to keep their Interest maintained is what Ahsan will be doing. Ahsan Also is a Helping Hand to Every Member in the Team. His answer to what Gen Y is “DREAM, CREATE, ACHIEVE, INSPIRE.”

Muzammil Abbas


Introducing Our Man of Numbers, Muzammil Abbas the Chief Financial Officer of GenY. Finance is a Vital Part of Every Organization, as it is Finance is what Makes or Breaks the Organization. Henceforth, Muzammil Budgets and Manages the Cash Flow of GenY. Possessing a Diverse Personality Muzammil is able to make this Monotonous Job an Interesting One. He believes in hard work as the Best Elevation to Success.

Areeb Shoaib

Lead Graphic Designer

Behind all the cool and creative work making GenY and its products shine bright is our graphic designer Muhammad Areeb Shoaib. Apart from being a Business Administration student, he is a Tech freak pouring his tech creativity in GenY. It is Areeb’s passion to use his design prowess in order to help GenY represent its message in a better way. He believes creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.[/author_info] [/author]

Bisma Jawaid

Food Blogger

Bisma is a food enthusiast in a complicated relationship with her sensationalized taste buds. From taking casual pictures that appealed to the eye to seriously honing her passion for food, it has been a long journey for her. She is creative and smart and she always end up doing best for herself in what she truly believes in.

Hamza Naeem

Staff Writer

Hamza Naeem, a young lad who loves to inspire and be inspired by the world around him, is a peace-loving philanthropist who seeks to change to the world by his words. Hamza is not only a writer but a sports and politics lover as – well with a craze of watching movies that play with his minds! He aims to be a journalist along with studying Accounting and Finance from the Institute of the Business Management,Karachi. Recently he started Book Reading and debating to bring his voice to the stage and let the world know what he thinks.

Hafsah Ashraf

Staff Writer

Hafsah is an aspiring individual whose passion lies in writing. She is, as some would say, a book addict living happily in a world of books. A Harry Potter whizz at heart. A student by day and an ambitious poet by night. If you want advice, she’s your girl, your go-to expert when it comes to music, art, fashion, entertainment and even wrestling. She’s cool, she’s hip, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. This fiery young lady will make you believe in magic and all things beyond. She’ll take you on a ride of your lifetime solely through the magic of expression and a whole lot of imagination. She’s a fearless individual who will take the world by storm with a dash of humor and a ton of wisdom, one word at a time. So, watch out world, for the best is yet to come!

Manal Athar

Staff Writer

A city girl, slightly finicky with an addiction of shoes and a passion for baking and wanderlust. A lifestyle blogger with an innate talent for doodling, DYI, fashion, style and everything entertainment. A cinemaphile living in a world of fiction with an undying love for Harvey Specter, one who enjoys good humor and takes sarcasm as her second language. If you’re looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of the entertainment industry; from movies to tv shows, celebrities to music, you need not look any further. She is a wanderer at heart and a writer by soul. A spirited and ambitious person with a natural flair for writing who brings life to her surroundings through her words and overactive imagination, and with her motto being, ‘Living and loving through words’.